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PACEs Connection Resource Center

Becoming Healing-Centered: Individuals

Welcome to Becoming Healing-Centered: Individuals

After learning about PACEs Science, most people ask, “What can I do?” The good news is that there are so many steps that we can take to become healing-centered! Action may involve engaging at individual, organizational, community, or policy levels.

  • Individuals may want to further engage in their healing journey by finding ways to mitigate their own toxic stress.
  • Organizations may want to adopt policies and procedures to become trauma-informed and healing-centered.
  • Communities may want to find ways to support healing and prevent further trauma on a larger scale.
  • Policy makers may want to incorporate PACEs Science and related interventions into existing or new laws to prevent and/or address trauma.

Here are some resources to get you started in your healing journey. If you are a parent or caregiver, please take a look at resources in our Parenting with PACEs community or in the Parenting with PACEs section of the Resource Center.

Additional Resources

  • Greater Good in Action
    Synthesizing hundreds of scientific studies, Greater Good in Action collects the best research-based methods for a happier, more meaningful life—and puts them at your fingertips in a format that's easy to navigate and digest. Topics include awe, compassion, connection, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, kindness, mindfulness, optimism, parenting, purpose, resilience to stress, and self-compassion.
  • The Grief Recovery Method
    The evidence-based Grief Recovery Method helps grievers deal with the pain of emotional loss in any relationship. Programs include a certification training, grief support, support groups, and Helping Children with Loss, a program for parents.
  • Number Story
    Resources for the public interested in learning more about ACEs and their ACE score, healing and prevention, and the science of ACEs. Specific healing and prevention tools are available for individuals, parents, and families and communities. Number Story teamed up with the American Society for the Positive Care of Children to help parents and caregivers understand, prevent, and heal from ACEs. Explore the toolkit, which is designed for caregivers to support the development and positive parenting of babies and children ages 0 to 5. The Number Story campaign, funded through private philanthropy, is a creation of the ACE Resource Network. The toolkit is also available in Spanish
  • The Trauma Project on Facebook
    A psychoeducational page about trauma and treatment, healing and self-compassion, culture and creativity. Curated by Carol Anna McBride, M.A., M.Ed., Member O.A.C.C.P.P., C.C.A., ISTSS. Find links to articles, videos, classes and curated content about all things trauma, regulation, and healing.