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Becoming Healing-Centered: Individuals

After learning about PACEs Science, most people ask, “What can I do?” The good news is that there are so many steps that we can take to become healing-centered! Action may involve engaging at individual, organizational, community, or policy levels.

Stress Busters: Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is defined as nonjudgmental, moment-to-moment awareness that involves attention, intention, and a kind attitude. Mindfulness practices can support trauma healing and regulation of stress, emotions, and behavior.

Notice how you feel. Take a deep breath. 

  • If accessible, guide your attention to how you’re feeling, physically and emotionally. 
  • If noticing your breath is useful, take a few moments to breathe in and out. 
  • Reflect on 3 things you’re grateful for. 
  • Try a mindfulness app (e.g., Insight Timer, UCLA Mindful, 10% Happier). 
  • Make prayer, meditation, and/or yoga part of your daily routine. 


Source: California Surgeon General’s Playbook: Stress Relief during COVID-19