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Anti-Racism Resources

PACEs Connection is an anti-racist organization committed to the pursuit of social justice. In this resource center section, we have curated dozens of resources dedicated to anti-racism.

Historical Trauma in America

Historical Trauma in America Series

PACEs Connection’s Historical Trauma in America webinar series examines the impact of intergenerational trauma on the health and well-being of individuals today. Historical trauma — another term for intergenerational trauma—is defined by Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart as multigenerational trauma experienced by a specific cultural group resulting in “a cumulative emotional and psychological wounding over the lifespan and across generations, emanating from massive group trauma” (Brave Heart, N.D.). As recent advances in the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences (PACEs) continue to show the profound impact of historical trauma on society today, PACEs Connection launched this series to educate and empower people to take action to mitigate its adverse impact and promote resilience in their regions.

The series highlights several regions within the United States and outlines how unresolved historical trauma has impacted every aspect of American life and directly shapes the sociopolitical landscape of today as well as the overall well-being of Americans. The purpose of these discussions is to make connections between America's history and the current mental health crisis, social determinants of health and the obvious disparities and inequities present in our communities today. (Explore data on health disparities by race).

This series began in July 2021 and was renewed in 2022 due to its popularity. It examines historical trauma in the United States in six regions: Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, and the state of Hawaii and U.S. Territories.

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