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PACEs Connection Resource Center

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Mental Health Services

To learn more about mental health resources for trauma recovery click HERE.


Welcome to the PACEs Connection Resource Center

These resources are built on the foundation of positive and adverse childhood experiences science, which includes the:

  • epidemiology of adverse childhood experiences  ACE Study, expanded ACE surveys);
  • neurobiology of toxic stress caused by ACEs;
  • health consequences of toxic stress;
  • epigenetic consequences of toxic stress passed on from generation to generation;
  • positive childhood experiences, resilience research and practice.

Our approach is to curate carefully, not catalogue. If you have resources to add or suggestions to improve, contact Rafael Maravilla.

Network Manager

Weekly Roundup Features

PACEs Connection Weekly Roundup

February 1, 2023

First of its kind! A Trauma-Informed Devotional for Lent by Rev. Dr. Chris Haughee

For the trauma-affected, Lent can be a difficult time. Messages around suffering, patience, peace and repentance can easily get jumbled up with how the sins of others have caused us to see ourselves as irredeemable, broken, and shameful.

By Chaplain Chris Haughee, PACEs Connection member

Empathy As A Professional Superpower

Where sympathy says, “How sad for you,” empathy says, “How terrible. I’m right here with you.” 

By Shenandoah Chefalo, PACEs Connection member


Featured Video

Eating the Rainbow


Featured Resource

Stress Busters Videos from the California Virtual Training Academy+

To help you manage stress, the California Virtual Training Academy created a Stress Buster video series, which presents evidence-based interventions that can help to reduce stress, improve health, and build resilience. The Stress Busters are defined in the Roadmap for Resilience: The California Surgeon General’s Report on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress, and Health. PACEs Connection and ACEs Aware also created a handout based on seven evidence-based stress busters.