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PACEs Connection Consultant Resources

PACEs Connection is excited to provide more extensive and focused support for organizations, communities, states, and beyond through focused and direct consulting. PACEs consultants will use PACEs science, expertise, and professional and lived experience

Creating Parnterships

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Creating Partnerships Resources

Let's strengthen and broaden our connections to strengthen your community. I can help you identify challenges in your community and what connections you already have that could help with solutions. We can work together to strengthen connections, add to the "cross-sector" aspect of your community (more sectors = greater strength) as well as help you bring members out of silos and into connection by sharing examples of cross-sector work that is working in other communities. Let's look at the depth of diversity, equity, and inclusion work in your community and help facilitate that expansion. We can also discuss using your Milestones Tracker to build community connection, trust, strength!

PACEs Connection Materials

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  1. 2021 Resilience Symposium Friday, October 1, 2021 in New Bern, NC
  2. Job Announcement for North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Child and Family Well-Being Child and Family Well-Being Division Director
  3. Louisiana Senate Bill 211: Requires in-service training for teachers and certain other school personnel on adverse childhood experiences and trauma-informed education.
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  5. North Carolina launches first-in-the-nation statewide task force on ACEs-informed courts