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PACEs Connection Resource Center


Welcome to Children and Families Displaced by War and Violence

Children and families who experience war and violence are exposed to enormous amounts of toxic stress. Even if these individuals are able to escape the violence and find physical safety, the psychological effects of trauma can persist over the lifespan, shorten the lifespan, and become intergenerational.

We also know there can be tremendous post-traumatic growth following exposure to war, violence, and displacement. Our human capacity for hope, healing, helping and resilience is astounding and inspiring. 

PACEs Connection has curated resources that share truths about the consequences of trauma caused by war, violence, and displacement. We have also searched for resources that will help providers of services, caregivers, parents, and children themselves help each other begin the process of healing and starting anew. 

These resources can be found in the following categories:
-Resources for Providers
-Resources for Parents